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    We have completed the ETH faucet testing~The ETH faucet has been launched now!

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  • 【Lv14】 CoinSNS   Official

    The ETH faucet is still testing! We will not process any ETH withdrawal requests and all of your ETH data will be cleared.

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  • 【Lv14】 CoinSNS   Official

    We made an important decision !!!!
    From now on, you are allowed to register as many accounts as you want!! It's time to stop other bitcoin faucets. If you want to earn more, you only register multiple accounts!
    We think CoinSNS is the most open bitcoin faucet!
    Attention, it is still not allowed refer yourself, or all of your accounts will be banned!

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    Paid Sticky Blog Is On Sale!
    $5 in bitcoin / day,
    $30 in bitcoin/week
    If you want to let your blog get a huge display, contact email jack@coinsns.com

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  • 【Lv7】 Viper  

    Dont forget to maximize your exp everyday to increase your claim amount and to help grow the site.

    Here is a quick exp to do list:

    10 blog posts: 50 exp
    10 replies on blog posts: 100 exp
    Claims: 6 exp per claim

    Do all of that along with getting some referrals and you will be well on your way to the max level of 18 with a whopping 30x multiplier on the free bitcoin claims!

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  • 【Lv14】 CoinSNS   Official

    We decided to create a holiday for CoinSNS. It is called - 'Triple Friday' !

    The Basic Bonus will be increased to "Triple Bonus" on Every Friday(UTC).

    Now are you ready?
    The first 'Triple Friday' is coming...

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